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BG Verghese Lecture Series

Wednesday 3rd April 2024, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Hosted By - Media School

This special lecture series has been instituted in the name of renowned Indian journalist Mr B G Verghese ( and during the last five years many senior media professionals, subject experts and scholars have delivered lectures on pertinent issues. 

The BG Verghese Series of Special Lectures is an open‐ended and perpetual monthly lecture series organised by the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication at Delhi Metropolitan Education. The series aims to provide first hand exposure to the students of Journalism and Mass Communication through lectures presented by experts in the media industry and peripheral areas and departments. These lectures are a platform to invite innovative thinkers and influential journalists to create a vivifying learning experience for the students. Moreover, the endeavour augments promotion of the many essential and intrinsic journalistic traits in the field of print, electronic and cyber media. Discussions in the lectures held throughout the academic session help students and faculty to explore many relevant media issues. Furthermore, these lectures equip students with ample information to chart out their areas of interest, interact with people who determine the direction of the industry, and learn how to present them in a professional environment while developing technical skills needed in the profession


BG Verghese Lecture Series