Cultural Cell


Prasthan'24 - BBA Farewell 2024

Saturday 30th March 2024, 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Hosted By - Management School

PRASTHAN 2024 welcomes you all.
Farewell is a time when your face smiles but soul cries. A time when fear comes into your mind
about leaving the known world and stepping into a new world. A time to celebrate for the last
time in the your college. A time to say good bye but your heart fights with it-because it does not
want to leave. Three years ago, the brilliant minds entered college with dreams and aspirations
and wanted to accomplish something in life trusted us and now together we all have come a long
way. We all are very sure that the lessons everyone learned in this college will be helpful in the
longer run. Not only have you been good students and excelled in academics but also been really
good at hosting various college events. During your period in college, you have been great role
models for the junior classes.
With the theme, Glitz & Glam we look forward to make it a memorable event of your life which
you will always cherish and wishing an onset of a journey to a glittery and glamorous future.

Prasthan'24 - BBA Farewell 2024